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Back to the Future…

Back to the Future…

Looking back I could see it coming. Burn out….I was going to need a break.  How about a four month hiatus from blogging?  Last year was much like juggling flaming knives while studying for finals during a hurricane while riding a roller coaster… in a kilt.


(Photo credit  here…)

I hit a wall. I needed a LONG hot bath and a nap!  Real life had left little time for Art. Or teaching. Or cleaning.  Or thinking.

Honesty, I did not plan to take the break.  It was forced upon me. One week led to two weeks to a month and well, you know….

I did have every intention of continuing my 365 project on Instagram as a means of staying in the loop. That lasted about a month or so until my 2 year old smartphone – 187 in cell phone years – stopped wanting to upload, download, or otherwise communicate with the internet.  It was in my face….take a break!


Did I do a ton of art in the meantime?  Not as much as I could have.

Is my house super clean and ready for a magazine photo shoot?  Not so much.

Have I been teaching classes in art/history/math/science.  Well, yes. Yes, I have. I am a homeschooling mom.  But even that hasn’t felt as complete as I would have desired.

Maybe it was that long cold winter we had here in the mid-Atlantic…DSCN8452Too much snow time?DSCN8619Feeling a bit confined….So exactly what have I been doing with all this “extra” time?DSCN8857Reading!  I read a stack of books. More than what’s here. Art books, business books, fun books, life books.  Some on a device, but lots of real, hold it-in-your-hand, turn-the-page kind of books. live with art lampRepurposing some tattered IKEA lamps headed out to Goodwill….StevensonL_EdwardsCreating a little mixed media statement art for a friend….DSCN8850Handcarving stamps…Hines bath (2)Adjusting to our newest family member, my Christmas present….Big Daddy Hines….sweet, but maybe a tiny bit overenthusiastic…Experiencing dog parks for the first time – ever…wow!  Add dog training books to the list above.Hines mirror (2)He’s a good-looking lad. A tad narcissistic? Maybe just confused…big head (2)He is a kind of big-headed….those itty-bitty little feet, though!…perspective is everything!GOLD window seats (2)Helping my girl figure out how to make these window seat box cushions for her Girl Scout Gold Award project!!! Thanks to the most generous donation of cabinetry for the entire room from Closet Factory, our church’s youth space is handsomely outfitted for the many uses it must handle. These cushions were just one part of the many pieces of this project that was completed in March.  Yay!  Girl Scout Gold Award…Check!  DSCN8512 (2)Celebrating her 17th birthday with some FUN fool-the-eye cupcakes made with rice cereal/marshmallow-type toppings with all kinds of flattened, cut up, dipped and sugared candies pretending to be Chinese take-out…Cupcake fortuneThe broccoli is really lime Tootsie Rolls split and dipped in green icing then dipped in green sugar.  Flattened and folded caramel squares made up the fortune cookies with special custom birthday fortunes….DSCN8831Teaching…did I mention that I am teaching Driver’s Ed to this one? (add dyeing my hair to the list!) This mode of transportation was a tiny bit less stressful of a ride along….a blast actually!DSCN8786Spending time with these girlies doing RVA!  This is their last year together as Girl Scouters.  Some have been with us since Brownies….sniff.DSCN8794Checking out the Girl Scout Commonwealth Council of Virginia Century of Leadership display at VCU Branch Cabell Library…DSCN8816Posing at the Jefferson Hotel…DSCN8825and lunching at Tobacco Company in Shockoe Slip…


Restarting a yoga practice abandoned long ago after a neck injury, which led to a weekend trek to Yogaville with a group of wonderfully adventurous women.   We laughed, meditated, hiked, did a little yoga, slept in dorm rooms and made new friends.Gorilla

The latest project has been working with my girl on gorilla costumes for an upcoming production of Tarzan. Not the greatest cell phone picture but I can’t blame it on my shiny new device….DSCN8849She’s a beaut!  We have four of them in our family now (and one S4 for the black sheep)…Pretty stunning the advancements in just two years…  Crazy good stuff!sam bday cakeBaking and decorating what I am sure is the first ever backwards birthday manatee cake in our house…colored coffee filters (2)Dying coffee filters to feed my apparent obsession with paper flowers.coffee filter flowers 1 (2)….more about that project in my next post….

Looking to start up some more workshops and classes to get an Art in Real Life Revolution started.  Been spending a lot of time looking around the area for the kind of art experience I want to have.  Looking and looking.  There are things going on in RVA, for sure.  But nothing that felt like the right kind of space for the FUN ART experience I have been searching for.

It’s possible, though, that the space has found me.

….more about that in a future post, as well…. promise it won’t be four months!I

Hope you have spent the first months of 2014 doing something good for your soul….


Letting Go…

Letting Go…

This past weekend, was all about letting go of some serious fear and hesitation.

My “sister-from-another-mother”, Tresa, had a booth in Colonial Beach, VA, where she lives, selling her fabulous stamped travertine coasters and trivets from her online store, Artifacts – check out  her website. She uses the natural stone and doesn’t seal them so they suck up the moisture from your drink – like a coaster is supposed to!  By the end of the weekend, our mantra was “Our coasters suck!”. (We’re having t-shirts made.) She had some extra booth space and graciously invited me to join her. Sounds great, right?

Well, it has been YEARS since I put myself out there at a craft show and I was full of angst and indecision.  There were many things that could have pulled me away from that opportunity – I originally had  plans to be in Raliegh for the weekend, I wasn’t ready to show my stuff, I didn’t have a “proper” display setup, I didn’t have business cards yet, I didn’t have my class outlines ready and didn’t know who in Colonial Beach would be interested in what I do –  but in the end, I did it anyway. I had to let go of all of the excuses and fear and just do it!  Put myself out there and see what happened.

What happened was a fantastic weekend that reminded me – #1- letting go takes courage, #2- you need good friends to push you, and #3 – you don’t have to be perfect to just do it! Can I get an “Amen”!

Meeting and talking to the most wonderful folks, who were interested and inspired to learn new art forms, was the best part.  They inspired me!  Introducing art to someone who has never had any experience in it and seeing the spark of excitement and possibility on their face was totally rewarding. Everyday, I am so grateful to those that put themselves out there and showed me a more approachable way to view art.  It’s a thrill to have the opportunity to pass that knowledge on.

It seemed like we were going to have absolutely perfect weather all weekend, however, the gorgeous weather took a sudden and drastic turn right at the end of the day on Saturday…okay, a huge turn – dumping over two inches of rain in just under an hour.  It came quick and left quick but thanks to our handy-dandy super smart phone, we secured everything and headed home just in the nick of time.

The temperature dropped 20 degrees and the wind picked up like crazy. An hour later it was just drizzling. After the main storm passed through, we took a ride down to see how everything fared at the show.  We brought our trusty broom along so we could poke the water up out of the top of the tent…

Yeah, didn’t need that because the tent was pretty much GONE!  We were so lucky not to lose everything, thanks to our neighbors, who were the kindest people in every way.  They had gathered all of our flying bits and pieces and put them back under our tables and covered it with the tent parts they had rescued. Their help, and the fact that stone coasters are only slightly lighter than lead, saved us.  I had a feeling and had taken my stuff back to the house when we left. (Didn’t need the smart phone to tell me that!)

Unbelievably, our neighbors even had an extra tent! – that they graciously lent  to us so we were back in business on Sunday!  We bought them lunch!

Our neighbor to the other side was not so fortunate.  Her tent was blown completely away.  Tent in the river. Done.  She was selling feathers and hats so she had cleared all of that out before it hit.  She didn’t need a smartphone either!

A huge Thank You to each and every person who signed up on the mailing list or bought a piece of art.  I appreciate you all. Classes are in the works and I will post information as soon as it’s all worked out. We are going to have a blast letting go and playing outside the lines with art!

One of my favorite pieces that sold at the show says it all…

Encaustic on board, 6×6, Lindi Stevenson

Letting go of doubts and fears can be a lot like trusting the process of art.  You really just have to start. Go for it.

What have you done lately that had you feeling a little bit scared but you did it anyway?                                                          It can really be liberating to let go….

OH…and guess what our booth number ended up being?  That’s right….BAM!…

Meant to be.  (You can read more about that here.)

Until next time….thanks for checking in!