Saying “Yes”…

Saying “Yes”…

keywestwingsIt’s true.  I have been absent here for months.  I just haven’t found the best any rhythm to doing it all  taking photos of everything while doing it, editing, writing about it and keeping it all updated.  A plate had to drop somewhere and, unfortunately, this was the one.  I have swept up the pieces, thrown them in the trash and am ready to begin again. One post at a time.  A bit simpler perhaps but I will begin right where I am and get on with it.

Finding ways to integrate art into real life. Getting ready for big transitions ahead this year….graduations from college and high school, end of almost 17 years of homeschooling, therefore my retirement as a homeschool teacher, kids moving out, 25th wedding anniversary…no time for gathering moss.  Time to plow ahead…Phase 3 of my life’s story.

Having spent the first phase searching for meaningful work, love, a good hair style and trying to survive the ’80’s (an oxymoron, I know!) I spent the next 25 years in phase 2 creating a unique and amazing family that I am super proud of and pleased for all of their many accomplishments and just for being all around great human beings.

After navigating homeschooling 3 kids through high school and sending them off to college, moves to different states, buying and selling homes, leading church groups, scout troops, camping trips, co-op classes, field trips, Eagle and Gold Awards, your run of the mill teenage (and midlife!) angst, loss of loved ones, heartbreaks, new loves, mean girls, new friends, tattoos, nose rings and some rather bad decisions, as well as coordinating a couple hundred family birthday parties each with its own unique theme and homemade cake, it feels like quite an accomplishment to have made it through all of that intact.  We are worse for the wear but still standing.

Not that all of that is completely over, but it sure feels much different than it did last year at this time.


oxford blue boat

I wrote THAT post over a year ago!!  I had no idea that I wouldn’t be back here until now.

I didn’t realize at the time the technical issues my little blog was facing that were WAY way over my level of expertise and the more I tried to dig into it,  the more it turned me off.  Ever feel that way? I had tastier fish to fry so I just let it sit… until now.

Finally, I have a little more access to what seems like the endless hours required to read and translate WordPress tutorials, watch confusing YouTube videos and try to teach myself what I need to know to keep this tiny window open here on the internet.

Things do feel much different now than they did last year at this time. I am feeling very much like I am out in the big blue sea hanging on in that little handmade boat in the picture, a bit unsure what is next for me as Phase 3 begins. What I do know for sure that I am determined for it to be energizing, exciting and full of adventure and experiences.  Why not?

All around me, people I know are retiring and slowing down but I feel like I am just getting started.  I have so much I want to do and see.

For the last year, I have been saying “Yes” more and more to meeting new people, discovering new opportunities and trying new adventures.   I have been preaching to and teaching my children all of their lives that learning takes place in living.  It never ends.  So, I may not be making lesson plans and taking field trips to learn about history and science but I am learning website development, e-commerce, SEO, more and more art techniques and a whole lot of patience!

Saying “Yes” to doing hard things.  Let’s hope it’s not a year until my next post!

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  1. Loved seeing what art in real life looks like today, on your plate! The fact that art is still on the top of the list, I think says a lot. Art is a healer, it is a place to go to try to figure it out, art is a way of saying what can’t be said or what needs to be said. It represents your culture and it makes all of our lives richer. Art is the best companion, and I think you should get off the pot and start doing a lot more of it!!

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