One Year Later….

One Year Later….

Okay, here goes, the “Hello 2014” Post… DSCN8259Here on AIRL, 2013 clearly was the “Year of the Handmade Wedding”, but putting pictures up on my 365 Project page kept me busy posting nearly every day of 2013.  It wasn’t always the easiest thing to keep up with and there were a few times when a week’s worth would have to go up at once, but I stayed disciplined, paid attention and made it to the end.

Day 365

Through it all, I learned a ton not only about composition, photo editing, lighting (good and bad!), time-management, computers, and blogging but more about just noticing the small things that begged for a second look.  Day 257

Sometimes there were “eureka” moments that I knew the shot was the one of the day…day 212

but most times I was surprised by something that just captured the day personally in an undeniable way.

Day 116 (2)

For 2014, I am going even more in the moment and moving that project over to Instagram. You can follow along there if you’d like – click here – artinrealife.

day 263

As 2014 kicks off, capturing more of the awareness that comes from those small random moments is definitely a goal of mine.

day 245

Moments ….


Taking the time, and the risk, to find inspiration and live with more art.

Day 233

The true principle behind Art in Real Life.  

day 155 (2)

In the New Year, my hope is that you will find ways to live with more attention to art in real life…. Take notice. Take some risks. Share what you are doing here in the comments anytime, if you like.

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