Lindi Stevenson

That’s me, Lindi Stevenson and I have called suburban Richmond, Virginia home for the majority of the last 25 years. I live in a small but homey cottage with my longtime husband, three unique children, and two felines.

Having attended both Florida State University and Virginia Tech studying art, I have worked in a variety of fields from TV news photography to watercolor reproductions to space design with many others in between.  Exploring paint, collage, fabric, ceramics, printing and bookmaking, I have been creating handmade gifts and teaching for as long as I can remember. Art journaling is my latest passion and a perfect extension for my love of all things mixed media.

Despite years of art school, I am  finding ways to overcome the deplorable inner critic living in my head and use familiar materials with a new found joy.  I like to get messy (can’t avoid it actually!), try new techniques and HAVE FUN.  I am finally learning that when you let yourself create without worrying or even knowing about the end result – magic happens.

Art in Real Life is about sharing that magic with those who may not even believe they have an inner artist.  Taking the art out of the gallery experience and into real life everyday for everyone drives my workshops.

Fun Art, not necessarily Fine Art!

I am grateful for this little spot on the world-wide-web and look forward to making it a cozy home full of beautiful, fun and creative little sparks. I hope to share some of what inspires me and see what inspires you as well

When not in the studio, I can usually be found cooking (eating!), teaching, treasure hunting, gardening or relaxing somewhere with my family and friends near or on the largest body of water available.

Thank you for taking a look and sharing this moment with me.  I am grateful.


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  1. Congratulations Lindi!!!!

    It seems as though you have found “your” freedom. I will never forget how you exemplified friendship, loyalty and being true to what and who you are. You are a blessed and wonderfully talented being. Thank you and may God continue to bless you in your endeavors and I am honored for what you have deposited into my life. Looking forward to more cozy encounters.

    • Thank you! Thank you, Tracey. You have been in my thoughts a lot lately. When I think about grace, you come to mind as a great example. I am truly grateful for your friendship as well.

  2. YAY!!!! Hi Lindi….so glad you linked up. Wasn’t that the most fun EVER?!! Love it when we can share our gifts and talents with each other:)

    • Thanks Becky for the invite to join your “Me Artsy” thread. I LOVE having fresh flowers and the beauty they bring to everyday life. We are so fortunate to have such talented creative women in our group. Looking forward to the next get together!

  3. I love this introduction to you Lindi. It sounds like you enjoy so many creative adventures. I love the phrase “taking the art out of the gallery experience…”. I wish I lived in the same part of the world to come and have some creative play time at your workshops.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog too.

    Creatively yours, Rx

  4. WOW!! Just a random search on Facebook and look what I found!!!!! Very exciting. Not a bit surprised – I am always telling my friends how talented and clever you are. Always filled with fantastic “hints” and ideas that I have used for years. Love the art and the website. I’ll be anxious to hear more details.

    • Thank you, Anne! The truth is, I have learned SO much from YOU! Art in Real Life is you personified. Your design ideas and craftiness are so inspiring to me! Glad you found the site and will keep you in the loop!

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  6. After a vacation in California, I’m back to business at the Inn. Let me know if you are interested in rooms for the wedding. Also, let’s talk about a possible workshop/class at the Inn. Life is good in Colonial Beach!

    • Hi Shirley! Lucky you! California is a good place to visit. Wedding plans are in full swing…one month to go. We included info on all the places we visited that day in the invitations for those who may choose to stay. Hope you get some of those folks. I am definitely wanting to talk about a workshop at the inn. After the wedding, life will be different. Life IS good in Colonial Beach! Thanks for stopping by here and saying hello.

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