A.R.T. (Acts of Random Talent ) are out there, everywhere, on the web and in daily life in so many forms. For me, this   collection of intriguing people and images inspires me to look at the familiar with a curiosity for the uncommon.. .

Art in Real Life embraces the idea that with a little thought and inspiration, you can live with art everyday. The exercise of looking for and living with art can  be just a simple shift in perspective that easily  translates into creative answers in every aspect of your day to day life whether whether you are an accountant, a doctor, a teacher, a plumber, a mother or an artist. Exercising the creative side of our brains, brings to the forefront the possibilities of “what if?” Being brave enough to attempt new ideas we may not have previously considered builds our confidence and illuminates the abilities we possess.  A creative seed, when planted and nourished, will have no choice but to grow..

Do something powerful and creative today – be yourself!  You are uniquely gifted and prepared to live a creative life!

Thanks for joining me on the way….


October 29, 2013

If you have not yet see the wonderful photographs that this mom took of her baby boy on his “Big Adventures” you need to click on over here and enjoy.  A mom with a camera is a powerful thing.


November 7, 2013

This came across my Facebook feed today.  Alexa Meade.  An artist who paints paint directly on her subjects, in a painterly fashion, then photographs them,   Such a simple idea, done so well.  Be sure to watch her Ted Talk in her Videos tab.

alexa meade


November 13, 2013



Perspective is everything!

19 w border J&L Steel Night Glow-1951-M


Enter the imaginative world of Michael Paul Smith.  Click on his name to read and see the behind the scenes story then check out more of his images here. And he’s from Pittsburgh!


December 6, 2013


Pro Infirmis – self-proclaimed largest trade organization for disabled people – located in Zurich, produced this video about their project creating mannequins modeled by those with less-than-perfect human forms.  The models seeing and appreciating their 360 degree form for the first time is quite touching.

The Google German to English translation of the company’s mission from their website is a little rough but understandable:

“Pro Infirmis all people goes out in its action from the right to make life on their options independently and autonomously.

Pro Infirmis enters unrestricted for a possible participation of people with disabilities in social and democratic life. It shall combat tendencies towards discrimination and exclusion of people with disabilities.

It promotes solidarity between people with and without disabilities.


Pro Infirmis a real chance for disabled people demands in all areas of life, particularly in training, in education, at work, at home and at leisure. This requires a living wage for people with disabilities.”

January 22, 2014

Happy 2014!  Discovered two A.R.T. entries today.  Both amazing and totally creative but totally different.  So inspirational….

First up:  Nina Katchadourian – you most likely may know NIna’s work from her shots of recreated Flemish paintings done in an airplane lavatory using items found there.

lavatory flemish portraits

So funny and really clever but…


…just the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much more to her creative photography.  Check her out here. (Have some time because there are tons of projects and images.)

Next is Heather Hansen.  She is a New Orleans artist who works in charcoal and chalk using her body’s entire reach from mostly sitting positions to create beautiful abstract gestural patterns.

heather hansen

So cool!

Check her out here.

MAY 20, 2014

In love with these .paper sculptures.  Be still my heart!



Let me know if you find an A.R.T. I should know about and include!


July 17, 2014




Artist Bernard Pras demonstrates how changing one’s perspective can make all the difference. While he seems to simply pile junk into a formless heap, Bernard actually creates a stunning portrait that comes into view when you’re at the perfect angle.

Art in Real Life


November 29, 2014


Chuck Close…painter of heads…”face-blind” and a crusher of obstacles.

Art in Real Life

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